The Art of Calendering

North American Tapes uses a "Calender" to manufacture adhesive tapes. Although it sounds the same this should not be confused with the calendar that tells you what day it is.

Calendering is a tried, tested and true method for manufacturing adhesive tapes. Calenders are also used in many industries besides tape. You probably have encountered many products that have been calendered in your daily life including tires, fine papers, wall paper, floor coverings and of course tape to name a few.

Aside from the many other uses above, a Calender is ideal for producing many varieties of tapes. A Calender is a very effective method for producing tapes that are used in hockey and athletic tapes used by therapists to treat sport related injuries as well as many industrial tapes.

The capabilities of our highly sophisticated tape Calender allow us to precisely control the properties of the end tape we deliver for our customers.

For hockey players that means tape that wears better on a hockey stick and sticks on the blade longer or a shin pad tape with the right elastic properties that allow your leg muscles to expand or contract without letting your shin pad slip out of place.

For athletes and therapists it means a tape that is easier to apply and will hold up better under the rigors of athletic competition.

For Industrial users it means quality products that are consistent and reliable.

In short Calendering allows us to create high performance products that meet your needs and will maintain their characteristics much longer than other tape manufacturing methods.

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