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.North American Tapes is a manufacturer of quality pressure sensitive adhesive tapes. Based in Watertown, NY. Our manufacturing operation blends tried and true manufacturing techniques, modern technology and expert craftsmanship. The end result is a tape with superior characteristics that can outperform any product on the market.

North American Tapes utilizes a Calender to combine adhesive with backing materials of various constructions such as cloth and polyethylene. This creates adhesives tapes for use in a diverse spectrum of markets. Our products are used in the field of sports, stage and film production, construction and even athletic therapy applications.


North American Tapes is proud to introduce Comp-o-stik™ performance hockey stick tapes that are formulated and constructed to provide optimum performance on modern composite hockey sticks and blades as well as best in class performance on more traditional wood/fiberglass blades.

We also offer specialized tapes for use on the stick handles and the toughest elastic shin pad tape in the business. Shin pad tape needs to be tough enough to keep your pads in place because a pad that slips out of place could lead to a painful injury.

Athletic Tapes are widely used for prevention, treatment and rehab of sports related and other similar injuries such as muscle pulls and sprains. North American Tapes offers our PerforMed series of athletic tapes to suit the needs of therapists at every level. From top end performance to excellent performance at economical prices the PerforMed line has a product to meet your needs.

North American Tapes also manufactures a range of Industrial products for use in a variety of industries that include manufacturing, exhibition, entertainment and many more. Our selection of products are suitable for a wide range of applications. Products include high end coated-cloth tapes, double-sided cloth tapes, uncoated cloth tapes and PolyMax™ polyethylene film tapes. North American Tapes offers products with consistently high performance..

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