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Bass Lures

Bass Lures

Browsing through a forty-foot long shelf or browsing through Amazon for lures begs to answer the same question of which one will make the best bait. You need to figure out if the size, color, and shape of the bass lure will give the anticipated results. 

It is important to remember that each composition works different from the next. The technique could mean the difference between making or missing a catch.

Types of bass lures


Spinnerbait lures imitate the shape of a large V. The rubber bait has a hook on the side and metal spoons on the opposite side. This type is excellent for fishing in deep waters with long grass and will usually sink when you glide through the water. 

The best usage is letting the lure sink in deeper or glide, then reeling it in with a smooth pull. You may want to slow down the motion during the cold winter months.


Jigs have the same appearance as spinnerbaits. The only difference is that the rubber side has little tails stemming from the hook. The baits are excellent for twisting the lure into a specific spot. Their mechanism of use makes them attractive for luring fish from particular places, such as around stumps and within grassy waters. Remember to keep the line on the tight side so you can catch the bait.


Crankbaits are the most potent bass lures because they have a fast retrieval mechanism and cover a lot of distance in the water. Some crankbaits imitate a hurt fish and help lure fish that want to catch food. 

Some crankbaits have lips that stick out the front of the shape and ball bearings that make them rattle. This lure is excellent for shallow waters and is, therefore, an essential tool in most fishing kits.


Soft plastics include items like brush hogs and worms. Their proper usage is for catching crawfish, worms, and brush hogs. These lures do not work under the same principle as others, because one has to twitch or jerk them to pull the catch. The versatility of the lures makes them useable for all types of waters and a wide array of depths. 


These lures are conventional for cold waters and work by mimicking an injured fish. They are perfect for catching bass fish in both deep and shallow fishing waters, throughout all seasons. 


Spoon lures look like a curved portion of the spoon. They look camouflaged in water and work for both trout and bass fish. 


Swimbait lures look like real fish and are in three different sections. The bait moves like a real fish when you dip it in water and tends to have a rigid and straightforward working mechanism. The lures are perfect in still waters because they have a steady and smooth retrieval mechanism. 


These lures have some of the most fun mechanisms of operation. They have three different categories, which work different in different waters. These bass lures do not require heavy hooks when there are plenty of algae on the water.


Bass Lures
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Bass Lures Bass Lures

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