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If you are looking for the best hockey grip tape on the market, your search is over! North American Tapes has it, and it is called Comp-o-stik™ cohesive soft grip tape and Comp-o-stik™ split-slit grip tape.

What is Hockey Grip Tape?

Hockey players from raw beginners to top-notch players use hockey grip tape. It is a specialized tape that hockey players apply to their sticks to create one-of-a-kind grips.

The tape is designed to “stick to itself,” not the hockey player's gloves or stick. It is generally a cloth tape with elastic added for pliability.

What Makes North American Tapes the Go-To for Hockey Players?

North American Tapes is completely vested in the game of hockey! Their tapes are made for professional hockey players by hockey players and people that love the game! The company has used research, testing, and innovative techniques to develop the best hockey grip tape that is capable of giving the best, consistent performance.

With the change from wooden sticks to the realm of modern composite sticks, North American Tapes has led the way in producing a top-quality product that simply works!

Why Should You Used Hockey Grip Tape?

Hockey players use grip tape to give themselves enhanced control of their sticks. The tape is wrapped around the stick forming a grip that fits the player’s hands and helps to prevent the possibility of slips. As an additional safety measure, some hockey players wrap the grip tape, forming a small knob or handle on the grip as a preventive measure, similar to tying a knot at the end of a string or rope.

The wrap is also important for cushioning. Hockey players may also wrap the shaft as well. The combination of wraps makes the stick easier to hold.

Still, hockey players state that wrapping the blade of the stick gives them greater control of the puck. One thing is for sure, the need for well-engineered grip tape is important and really plays a key role in the game of hockey.

What Are the Types of Hockey Grip Tapes?

North American Tapes manufactures two categories of grip tape. The first type is named Comp-o-stik cohesive soft grip tape. The tape’s popularity and usage are really on the upswing. It is a “light-weight and comfortable” grip tape.

Construction of the grip tape combines elastic with a cloth backing, which gives the hockey player a great feel. The grip tape is designed to adhere only to itself; thus, the player will not find tell-tale signs of residue on his stick. This property also ensures that the grip you wrap will hold its shape, and your glove will be none the worse for contact.

Plus, the player maintains that necessary flexibility for quick movements that make that next great play possible!

With Comp-o-stik cohesive soft grip tape, you also get a wide range of colors for personal preference or even to match your team colors. Available colors are white, black, navy blue, green, bright green, orange, pink, yellow, red, powder blue, and royal blue.

The second type of grip tape is Split-Slit Grip Tape from Comp-o-stik. This grip tape has all the qualities as type one but comes in a 36mm wide roll that features a precut split that will allow the user to either use in the tape in a 12mm roll or a 24 mm roll.

So, when you need the best hockey grip tape on the market, be sure you choose what the pros do: either Comp-o-stik cohesive soft grip tape and Comp-o-stik split-slit grip tape made by North American Tapes!

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Best Hockey Grip Tape Best Hockey Grip Tape

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