Comp O Stik Tape

Comp O Stik Tape is a strong and reliable hockey tape that is made from different materials to provide you with the protect you need. You can purchase this hockey stick tape in a broad range of colors and designs to suit your own unique preferences.

What is Comp O Stik Tape?

Comp O Stik Tape is an innovative type of tape designed for use by hockey players. Ordinary tape used for hockey sticks, shin pads and other hockey gear will often become unstuck over time during practice or game play. This leads to the player having to constantly reapply the tape losing time on the ice and costing them more money for gear supplies.

Comp O Stick tape is designed to provide players with the optimal amount of protection and support you can find in a roll of tape. Made from incredibly strong material and available in various designs, this super sticky tape will stay put where you need it most even while you are out on the ice.

Why Should I Use Comp O Stik Tape?

One of the biggest issues that many hockey players have with other forms of hockey tape is that it will not stick well after it becomes wet. Playing on ice and sometimes near the snow makes it nearly impossible to keep your gear dry at all times. That means you need hockey tape that can withstand moisture and stay in place even after it comes in contact with ice or snow.

Comp O Stik Tape is moisture-resistant so that it will not become unstuck after exposure to wet conditions. It is made from cloth construction that features a stronger and thicker adhesive coating. And it is designed to effectively fit to wooden or composite style hockey sticks.

What Different Types of Comp O Stik Tape are Available?

Comp O Stik Tape is available in a variety of styles and designs for you to choose from. The Cloth Stick Tape is available in either Black or White. It has a strong cloth backing made from a powerful blend of natural and synthetic fibers.

The Shin Pad Tape features a thick and reliable polyethylene back that is made to offer the user optimal elastic properties. This allows the muscles to work as they should while your equipment is kept in its place.

The colorful line of Comp O Stik Soft Grip Tape is lightweight and very comfortable to wear. It allows the player to build up a strong grip on their hockey stick for better control during gameplay.

You can also find decorative stick tape from Comp O Stik that features a strong cloth backing and a transparent adhesive system that doesn’t take way from the colored cloth backing.

Where to Buy Comp O Stick Performance Hockey Tape

Comp O Stick Performance Hockey Tape is made and manufactured by North American Tapes in Canada. You can order direct from their website the exact type of hockey tape you need for yourself or your team. Make the switch to Comp O Stick today and find out how much easier it can make life on the ice.

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Comp O Stik Tape Comp O Stik Tape

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