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North American Tapes began with the founder’s mission to return great quality and performance hockey tape to the industry that their father’s pioneered and then revolutionize the hockey tape industry, once again.

Realizing the game was transitioning quickly from wooden sticks to composite they jumped on the opportunity to deliver a tape that would stick to the next generation plastics dominating the game – namely carbon fiber and graphite.

Using hockey arenas as their R&D facilities, the pair developed and perfected a proprietary technology that has set the defacto standard for what hockey tape should deliver in terms of strength, quality and endurance, now sought after by professional players from around the world.

Our story

Delivering a better tape

North American Tapes has invested heavily in the perfection of the perfect hockey tape – a solution to the mechanical problems of jarring impacts, wicked abrasion and relentless friction under frigid conditions.  And, regardless of how well it performs on the outside, the tape must adhere firmly and securely to materials that naturally resist stuff sticking to them.

The firm’s proprietary adhesive technology requires sophisticated manufacturing processes that allow for the precise control of its product – a tape that wears better, sticks better and has just the right elasticity to allow leg muscles to move around without allowing shin pads to slip out of place.

Beyond a great hockey tape, all of that research and development helped propel North American Tapes into products that help athletes recover from sports injuries as well as innovative solutions for industrial applications such as manufacturing, fabrication & packaging.

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