Comp-o-stik™ cloth stick tape (black and white)

The goal in creating Comp-o-stik™ cloth hockey tape was very simple. It had to be the best available product for the money. The challenge of achieving that simple goal was much more difficult. In Comp-o-stik™ hockey tape we’ve created a product that outperforms any other product we’ve encountered. Instead of cutting corners we put our money where our mouth is to deliver a hockey tape that meets your needs. Some of the key characteristics of Comp-o-stik™ cloth stick tape are;

  • A durable cloth backing made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibres
  • A color-matched adhesive system optimized for superior bond on composite and wood sticks

What it means to you the hockey player

The durable cloth backing is a strong blend of natural and synthetic fibres. Combined they offer superior abrasion resistance versus traditional cotton tapes. This cloth construction also ensures a tape that can stand up to the punishment of the game.

Comp-o-stik™ is highly moisture-resistant. Water-absorption by the cloth is a contributing factor in snow build-up on hockey tape and adhesive failure on the stick. Some players have resorted to waxing their tape to prevent snow and water problems. Comp-o-stik™ hockey tape significantly reduces water absorption and snow build-up on the blade without waxing. Your tape lasts longer and it saves you time preparing your stick. If you still prefer wax Comp-o-stik™ will also work with the same wax you already use.

What a difference a dye makes – white tape that is white and black that is black. Our white tape offers a cleaner and brighter appearance versus tapes made from unbleached cotton. Our black tape is made from cloth that is dyed black using a special dye process that gives it a true “jet-black” appearance that doesn’t fade or bleach when in use. Quality products always come first at North American Tapes.

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