Comp-o-stik™ decorative cloth stick tape (colors)

Comp-o-stik™ colored cloth custom hockey tape is also designed with the same objectives in mind as our white and black cloth tape. It has to outperform it’s competition. Some of the key characteristics of Comp-o-stik™ color cloth stick tape are;

  • A durable cloth backing made from a blend of natural and synthetic fibres dyed to match many popular uniforms
  • A transparent adhesive system that does not detract from the colored cloth backing

What it means to you the hockey player

Many players find that other colored cloth tapes on the market don’t last as long. We offer custom decorative hockey tapes. Our durable cloth backing of natural and synthetic fibres offers superior abrasion resistance resulting in long-lasting performance.

We make our tape from this strong cloth that is dyed using a special dye process that gives it a true and permanent color that doesn’t fade or bleach when in use. Now you can use a colored cloth tape that performs the way you expect.

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